About Black Hydrovac

Our story

Before launching Black Hydrovac in 2020, Kristy Black spent several years observing the growing trend of utilizing non-destructive vacuum excavation on construction sites. She discovered that many construction companies often require vacuum excavation in medium- to high-risk excavation scenarios. Additionally, many companies in the industrial, commercial, and government sectors were increasingly utilizing vacuum excavation on their properties to minimize risk to their operations.

As more companies trend toward this non-destructive, more precise, and safer method of digging, demand is rising for providers of vacuum excavation providers to support current (and future) demand.

Black Hydrovac was founded to fill the gap and provide high-quality vacuum excavation services in and around the DMV -District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Black Hydrovac is owned and operated by Kristy Black and advised by a team of construction professionals offering more than 60 years of combined experience.

Our Trucks

Black Hydrovac's vacuum tanker trucks offer the capability to service any and all of your vacuum excavation needs. Our trucks are equipped with pressurized water and air to break up dirt and vacuum it away, eliminating reliance on traditional digging methods and equipment. Our trucks can dig in any condition - wet, dry, or frozen - and can work in remote, hard-to-reach locations.

Our team members

Black Hydrovac operators are trained in safe and efficient equipment practices. Our team members are humble leaders, focused on providing excellent customer service, high quality work, and fostering long-term client relationships to partner for success.

Our services

Black Hydrovac offers the following services:

  • Hydro and Air Vacuum Excavation

  • Daylighting

  • Potholing

  • Debris removal

  • Trenching

  • Stormwater management

You can read more information about these services on our Services page.

Black Hydrovac offers longstanding industry knowledge and significant experience with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contracting, including underground work.

We primarily service municipality, governmental, engineering, residential, and/or commercial construction jobs in the northern Virginia area.

We work in the following markets:

  • data center

  • mission-critical

  • local, state, and Federal government

  • healthcare

  • technology

  • general construction